A Revolutionary New Phone and Wireless Business Opportunity in the Home Business Industry

There is a revolutionary new phone and wireless business opportunity that has arrived in the home based business industry. T-Mobile, Sprint and a company called Liberty International have teamed up in recent months to introduce something exciting for entrepreneurs and phone enthusiasts alike. You can now get an unlimited calling plan for free if you can refer three people to the same plan that you sign up for. This offer alone can save a person between $3,000 and $4,000 dollars over a five year period in phone bill charges. In addition to this, once a person gets their phone bill for free, it makes them eligible to start receiving commissions, bonuses and residual income from the sale of phones, accessories and service plans, just like a traditional retailer. For the serious phone enthusiast, there is also a $150 dollar discount available on an i7500 smart phone from Samsung.The Samsung i7500 Smart phone has a very special feature called tethering. With this phone you can now create your own wi-fi hot spot wherever you go. This will enable you to get a wireless connection for your laptop in virtually any location–there’s no more need to hunt around for a coffee shop or a wireless signal to get online.The home based business entrepreneur can now start a business with no investment, get an excellent discount on a technologically advanced phone, and get their cell phone bill for free. This may be just the thing you’ve been looking for but didn’t know existed.